0 Credit Card No Transfer Fees: Everything You Need to Know!

The credit card issuer commonly will charge you money whenever you transfer your balance from one card to another. The fee depends on the percentage of the total amount of the balance transfer. Some companies may offer you 0 credit card no transfer fees. However, there is something you need to understand before buying it.

What’s a Balance Transfer Fee?

A balance transfer fee is a cost you need to pay to transfer your existing debt to another card. This fee is not optional if you want to access the balance transfer facility. However, there are companies that offer you no transfer fees for some short periods.

The transfer fee is usually 3% to 5% of the total amount of the transfer balance. For example, you transfer a debt of $5,000. Then, the rate of 5% of $5,000 is $250. Therefore, you owe $5,250 to pay off.

On the other hand, 0 credit card no transfer fees are the promotional offer that allows you to transfer your balance with a 0% interest rate on the money you send. This promotional overture usually lasts for six months to almost two years. After the promotion ends, there is a charge for the card’s annual percentage rate.

How is the Balance Transfer Fee Work?

People usually transfer their balance to save money. They send their high-interest debt to a new card with a lower interest rate. Typically, people don’t have additional purchases on the new credit card. Therefore, they can focus on paying off the existing debt.

Before you transfer the balance, you need to contact the credit card issuer to make the transaction. They will ask you for some information, like your name, card number, and the amount of money you want to transfer. The balance fees are incurred once the transaction is completed. The cost is usually at the rate of 2% to 5%.

Every credit card issuer may vary to transfer your balance. Although, commonly, it takes around two to seven days to complete your request. For instance, Citibank can take 21 days to transfer your debt. Meanwhile, American Express can take from seven days up to six weeks.

The Advantages of a Balance Transfer Fee

There are some benefits of transferring the balance, whether it’s from 0 credit card no transfer fees, or a card with a low rate. This is the advantage of balance transfers you can understand.

1. You can Merge Your Debt into One Account Card

You can transfer all of your debt into one account. It would help you to pay off your debt with a monthly single payment. Moreover, with all debt in one card, you don’t need to deal with too many debt collectors and different times of due dates.

2. Allow You to Pay Your Debt with a Lower Rate

The credit card company often provides lower to zero rates for first-time customers. If the offer is worth it, you can pay off your debt with a low to zero rate for a short time. However, you must be careful with this kind of offer. Make sure that the annual rate doesn’t cost you more than you save.

3. It helps you save money

Related to the two points before, paying all debt at a lower rate in a single account gives you a chance to save some money. If you can manage your finances properly, you can save money for other purposes like saving for vacation, emergency funds, or retirement.

The Disadvantages of a Balance Transfer Fee

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to balancing transfer fees. Here are the disadvantages of balance transferring for you to consider.

1. Increase the Pressure to Pay Off All of Your Debt

Though the 0 credit card no transfer fees gives you a chance to pay your debt with a low to zero interest rate, it also gives you pressure to pay all of your debt in a short period. Even if the introductory offers last for 18 months, you will focus on paying your debt more rather than saving for other purposes.

2. The Lender Might Not Give You the Best Interest

When the credit card issuer offers you an introductory rate, they believe you can’t pay off all of your debt before the introductory period ends. As a result, you end up paying the debt at a higher rate. Although the offer seems beneficial, it may not be the best offer for you.

3. You May Pay More Debt

It’s fine if you could pay the entire balance during the introductory period. However, if you can’t, you will end up paying more interest when the regular rate kicks in. Therefore, you must be careful when checking the credit card issuer and consider how their offer is worth for you.

Is it Possible to Find 0 Credit Card No Transfer Fees?

Although finding a 0 credit card no transfer fees is not impossible, it is still rare. For example, Credit Union requires one to become a member to obtain the card. To get the membership, you may need to fill in several requirements. Therefore, not everyone can have this kind of credit card.

If you want an alternative, the credit card with a 3% transfer fee is quite ideal. Check the offer, is it worth it for your finances?

Recommendation of 0 Credit Card No Transfer Fees

If you are interested in a credit card with zero rate transfer fee, we have some good recommendations.

1. Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Card

This credit card offers features that allow you to save money. The features include 0% intro Annual Percentage Rate (APR), 0% annual fee, and 0% transfer fee. However, the introductory promotion is relatively short, only 12 months.


  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Intro APR on balance transfer.
  • No balance transfer fee.


  • There is no reward bonus.
  • No bonus offer for a new cardholder.
  • Require membership.

2. Wings Visa Platinum Card

This credit card might be a 0 credit card no transfer fees for you. You can get Wings Visa Platinum Card after you donate $5 to Wings Financial Foundation for membership. After you apply for the credit card, you can enjoy a 0% introductory APR for 12 months.


  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Intro APR on balance transfer and purchases.
  • There is no annual fee.


  • Require Credit Union membership.

3. First Tech Choice Reward World Mastercard

This credit card provides features like no transfer fee and no transfer fee. It would make it an excellent choice for you. Even if you can’t pay off your debt during a 12-month promotional period, the regular APR is still reasonable to pay your debt. However, this card doesn’t offer a reward.


  • There is no annual fee.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Long balance transfer window


  • Require Credit Union membership.
  • Fit only to Oregon residents.

Understand the Balance Transfer Fee for Maximum Experience!

Now, you understand about transferring the balance. Transferring the balance can help you pay off your debt with a lower to zero rate within a short period. Although 0 credit card no transfer fees is rare, you can obtain it with some requirements. Some issuers need you to become their member to get the credit card.

However, you need to consider this carefully. Calculate your debt with the features they offer. Is it worth it for you? And is it helping you pay off your debt? You may compare the issuers to find the best for you.

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