How to Apply for First Premier Credit Card Over the Phone?

First Premier is a well-known bank in the United States. This bank helps a lot of people who struggle due to bad credit scores. Do you want to apply for the card but do not know how? Read this article and find out how to apply for First Premier credit card over the phone.

What is First Premier?

First Premier was first founded in 1986 in South Dakota. Because of its good reputation and customer service, First Premier quickly becomes a popular bank, and since then, the bank has grown into a nationwide one. Nowadays, this bank is available throughout the country.

This bank offers services in 3 categories: personal, business, and investment. First Premier provides credit cards, checking and saving accounts, and loans for private banking. Meanwhile, for business banking, the bank offers services such as business credit cards, cash management, and lending solutions.

Customer satisfaction is the bank’s top priority. This is why First Premier established its presence online by making a mobile banking application. As long as the customers have a strong internet connection, they can manage their accounts and oversee any transaction anywhere and anytime. 

Not only that, First Premier also offers a broad range of credit cards that can suit multiple people who have different credit histories and needs. Even better, customers can choose which card they need based on its use and terms.

First Premier Credit Card

Being an unsecured credit card, First Premier does not ask you to deposit cash when you make a card. Instead, you need to pay $95 for opening your card. Remember that you will get different features and benefits than a premium card. However, this card has other benefits that are helpful to some people.

For instance, this card allows you to borrow more than your limit. In addition, First Premier has a site that will enable you to monitor your credit score for free. With this opportunity, you can increase your credit score to a good one. Slowly but surely, your once-bad credit history will become better.

Another good thing is that the First Premier credit card is accepted anywhere in the country. Transaction outside the country is available too, but there is a 3% charge. Moreover, it is so easy to apply for one. Why so? Because you can apply for First Premier Credit Card over the phone. 

The Advantages of Using First Premier Credit Card

After learning about First Premier and its card, it is time to know the advantages of using this card. Here are some benefits you can gain from using a First Premier card:

1. Improve Your Credit Score

First Premier will send a monthly report to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This report includes your card’s transactional history. So, as long as you remember to pay your credit card on time and not overspend to your card limit, you can improve your credit score.

2. Monitor Your Credit Score

The bank gives you access to the FICO score for little payment, $3.99 per month. It means you can monitor your credit score regularly. You can make a report if there is some error, and you should know what to do if your score is not increasing.

3. Easy to Apply

It is quite easy to apply for a First Premier credit card. You can apply for First Premier credit card over the phone. Contact customer service on +1 800 987 5521, and customer service will guide you on the appliance process. 

Besides that, First Premier gives simple requirements for customers who want to make a credit card. This is why many people choose First Premier to improve their credit scores.

The Disadvantages of Using First Premier Credit Card

Now that we already know the advantages of using a First Premier credit card, including how to apply for First Premier credit card over the phone, it is time to discuss the disadvantages. Without further ado, take a look closer!

1. The Fees Can Be Expensive

Aside from the $95 opening fee, you must also pay monthly and annual fees to have a First Premier credit card. The amount you need to pay depends on your credit limit. Here is the detail:

  • $200 – $400 credit limit: $95 (opening fee), $45 per year, $6.25 per month
  • $500 credit limit: $95 (opening fee), $49 per year, $10.40 per month
  • $600 credit limit: $75 (opening fee), $49 per year, $8.25 per month
  • $700 credit limit: $55 (opening fee), $49 per year, $10.40 per month

In addition, you will get a penalty of $39 if you make a late payment. It also includes a $35 for delivery costs if your card got lost and you need to get a new one.

2. Very High APR

The standard APR for other credit cards is 22.7%. Meanwhile, First Premier’s APR is 36%. You could end up paying a lot of money if you do not pay your balance on time. Therefore, make sure to always pay before due time.

3. Credit Limit Increase Fee

If your history with this credit card is good, meaning you always pay on time and never overspend, you can increase your credit limit. However, First Premier will charge you 25% of your credit limit. For example, if your credit limit increases by $100, you must pay a $25 fee. 

Have You Understood How to Apply for First Premier Credit Card Over the Phone?

First Premier offers good customer service and easy access to the customers. You can easily apply for First Premier credit card over the phone by calling the customer service number, +1 800 987 5521. The team will help you by explaining the terms and conditions. Ensure to listen carefully and prepare the documents for application. 

Although it has some disadvantages, if you make payments on time and have struggled to raise your credit score, this card is for you. It will be easier to improve your credit score by completing a First Premier credit card. So, what are you waiting for? Quick, sign up now!   

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