Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled: How to Re-enable?

The use of credit cards has become a culture in modern society. Therefore, more and more smart users are using credit cards or other payment systems according to their convenience. But not a few of us have encountered difficulties, if there is an error message ‘automatic credit card filling is disabled’. How do we handle it?

What does ‘Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled’ Means?

Credit card holders have several rational reasons, which make them finally have a credit card. One of the most common is to make purchasing needs easier.

When you are shopping online, and are asked to enter credit card data on the payment page. Sometimes, a dialog message ‘automatic credit card filling is disabled’ will appear. This means that your website cannot fill in data or credit card information automatically, even though your card data is already saved in the browser.

Why so? This situation often occurs when you want to make an online payment, because there is a prevention system activated to protect your card data. This action is useful for minimizing data leakage, by unknown users or from malicious websites.

That way, your data or credit card information will be maintained more securely. Credit card owners can strengthen the security system for additional protection by providing a password to view the data.

How to Fix Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled?

Automatic credit card filling is a system created to make it easier. Hence, users can save time in making payments. However, these security systems might not be available with certain browsers. 

You can reset the settings whenever you want to turn this system on or off. Here’s how to prevent the ‘automatic credit card filling is disabled’ dialog from appearing.

  • First, select the menu button, then select the Settings option.
  • Next, on the Settings tab, select the Privacy & Security panel.
  • Scroll down, then you will see the Credit Card Autofill option. You can activate it by clicking the checklist.

That way, your credit card billing will automatically be active. You can make payments quickly, without the need to fill out forms manually again. Via config is also one of the ways to make it off.

All you need to do is modify the Configuration Editor preference so that it becomes ‘False’. Next, you can restart the browser to see the changes.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Using Automatic Credit Card Filling System

Before turning on Autofill access, you must pay attention to the following important things. This concerns the security of your data and information. So, turning on this system means that you already understand all the possibilities that may occur.

Make Sure It Is Necessary

The existence of this system is to simplify and speed up your needs so that everything becomes efficient. But, on the other hand, this system is considered quite risky. This means that you may accidentally share your important personal data and information. Unfortunately, this will make it easier for hackers to hack all important data, if they can unlock your device password.

Meanwhile, if you want to enable ‘automatic credit card filling is disabled’, it is recommended to activate it on personal devices. Your computer which only you can open. In other words, this system won’t be potentially threatening if you access it via a personal device, and not a shared computer.

Authentication is Required

One of the tips so that your credit card autofill can avoid unwanted things, you can turn on additional protection. You do this by turning on authentication in the automatic credit card  or providing a special password before automatic filling.

The password is the Operating System password that you use on your device. That could be numbers and letters, fingerprint verification, faces, or even voice logins. 

In conclusion, the password must be the same password you used at your computer login and not your browser password. Here’s how to enable authentication.

  • On the menu button, click and then select the Settings option.
  • Select the Privacy & Security button.
  • Scroll down until you find the Forms and Autofill options. Tick ‘require Windows authentication to autofill, view, or edit saved credit cards’.
  • Finished. ‘Automatic credit card filling is disabled’ in your browser now you have to use additional verification so that data security is maintained.

What If My Operating System Does Need a Password for Login?

Some people may feel that they don’t need a password just to log into their computer device. This makes you not have a password, to perform additional authentication on automatic credit card filling.

Windows users, who do not activate Log In using a password on their computer, are usually not automatically asked to fill in a password. Likewise, with macOS users, you only need to double-click on the OK button, to continue authentication.

You Can Edit The Information

Old credit card users may have experienced some data changes during credit card ownership. Meanwhile, filling in data automatically still loads old data, which you haven’t updated. The following is a way to replace data on a credit card auto-fill form.

  • On the menu button, click and select Settings.
  • Select the Privacy & Security option, and scroll down until you find the Forms & Autofill button.
  • Select the Saved Credit Card option.
  • In the next step, you can choose several options that you want to change.
  • Add, to add a new credit card.
  • Edit, to edit an existing credit card.
  • Delete, if you want to delete the credit card.
  • If the data editing is correct, you only need to select the X close button to save and close the credit card edit window.

Make Payments  Efficiently with Autofill Credit Card

Whenever you see an error message like ‘automatic credit card filling is disabled’, it means that you haven’t allowed the automatic filling system. As long as the use of the computer device in question is private property, then this automatic filling will help a lot for your time efficiency. 

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