Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services and Benefits

Credit card is the most familiar thing that you might be using. A credit card is a payment method used to make payments for obligations arising from an economic activity. Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services is one of the best credit cards you can use. 

We will focus this article on describing Lowe’s Credit Cards and its benefits and rewards. Let’s see further information about it!

What are Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services? 

As we mentioned above, we can use credit cards as a payment method for any economic activities, including shopping transactions, and to make cash withdrawals, where the cardholder’s payment obligations are met in advance by the acquirer or issuer. 

The cardholder is obliged to make payment at the agreed time either by repayment at once (charge card) or by payment in installments. One of the payments offered by credit cards is payment for home repairs. So, that’s what Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services offers. 

For those who want the best savings and have been spending more on credit cards, the Lowe Advantage Card is the best choice, unlike store cards that give you reward points with value only when you return to the store and spend more money. 

This card is issued by Synchrony Bank, which gives you a flat 5% discount on almost everything, and the annual fee is $0. That high-value discount makes it an attractive option not only for loyal Lowe’s customers. 

It’s also best for those who spend much money on home improvements elsewhere and can quickly shift those expenses to Lowe’s.

This credit card does not allow customers to combine the 5% discount promotion with other offers, such as a 6-month financing offer. If you want six months of financing, the cardholder must pay off all purchases at the end of six months and make the minimum payment on time each month.

Otherwise, interest is applied to the purchase, and the 0% interest provision is canceled. However, the 84 month financing offer is made with fixed monthly payments and a reduced APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 7.99%.

Rewards and Benefits of Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services

Cardholders will get more rewards if they use this credit card from Lowe. Cardholders can choose between a 5% off on select purchases and a six-month financing option for purchases over $299. 

They also offer fixed payments for 84 months at a reduced APR for purchases of $2,000 or more. Cardholders can also take advantage of limited-time discounts and financial offers offered by Lowe’s. 

If you use Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services, you also will get some benefits of Lowe’s Credit Card. 

1. Big discount at Lowe’s

If you qualify, this card can get you 5% off at Lowe’s on all purchases. That makes it one of the most valuable credit cards for home improvement purchases. Then, you’re instantly rewarded because the discount is taken immediately upon purchase. No need to collect points!

To be sure, some purchase limits qualify for this discount. Choose special or installment financing and you will get a deal.

Also, you can’t stack this on top of other discount programs (e.g., employee, military, low price guarantee), and you don’t get the 5% off if you use a coupon for a product. It will also not apply to:

  • Gift card.
  • Extended protection plan.
  • Shipping, shipping and assembly costs, or taxes.
  • A particular high-end brand.

Despite those limitations, the card can still provide tremendous savings on home improvement expenses at Lowe’s. You will need help finding similar values on other cards.

2. Instant Signup Bonus

Unlike most credit cards, the Lowe’s Advantage Card comes with a sign-up bonus that you can get right away. For your first purchase after approval, you will get a great coupon for 20% off (max $100). 

Again, some limitations apply. Such as, the promos will not be applied to gift cards, specific brands, taxes, fees or services. But maximizing the offering is a breeze if you’re making a big purchase—a fridge or floor. 

3. No annual fees

Third, another benefit from this card is $0 annual fee. That makes it easy to save up, even if you don’t use it for a while — say, while you’re between renovation projects.

How To Apply Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services

Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services is an exciting offer for those who want to make home improvements quickly and inexpensively. You may be wondering how to apply for a Lowe’s Credit Card, so here’s how to apply for a credit card.

1. Know the Age Limit for Submitting Credit Cards

It should be noted age needs to be considered before applying for a credit card. If you wish to apply for a Lowe’s Credit Card, you must be at least 18.

2. Know the Minimum Monthly Income Requirements

Minimum income requirements are adjusted to the type of credit card you want to apply for. Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services has several cards with various minimum income requirements.

 3. Prepare the Required Documents

The procedure for applying for a credit card continues to be simplified. The requirements given are facilitated, as well as the submission steps. However, several conditions must be met to expedite credit card applications.

The requirements for making a credit card are a few. Usually, the documents needed are identity card, proof of income and taxpayer registration number.

4. Start Applying for a Credit Card

Submit your credit card immediately on Lowe’s official website https://www.lowes.com/l/Credit. Fill in all the required personal data and click submit.

5. Wait Until Your Credit Card Application is Accepted

Usually, credit card applications require approval in around 3-5 working days. If your credit card application was rejected or accepted, Lowe’s will notify you via email.

Interested to Apply for Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services?

That is the explanation of Lowe’s Home Improvement Credit Card Services, which can be a solution for repairing and improving your home. Ensure you fulfill all the documents and information needed to apply for the credit card. Then, you can enjoy all the benefits. Happy shopping!

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